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Hate Crime

by Sarah Amram -

Hate crime

At AAL we have a zero-tolerance approach to hate crime:

Hate crimes can include:

·         racist and religiously motivated incidents and crimes

·         LGBT hate incidents and crimes

·         disability hate incidents and crimes

·         domestic violence 

·         anti-social behaviour


If you, or someone you know has been a victim of Hate Crime, this can be reported in the following ways:


·         Contact AAL’s Safeguarding team at staysafe@aal.org.uk

·         Phone 999 in an emergency and ask for the police.

·         If it isnot an emergency, you can also contact the policephone 101

·         or report online Hate crime | Police.uk (www.police.uk)

Invitation - AAL Students' Annual Celebration

by Sarah Amram -

AAL Students’ Annual Celebration!!!



Foredown Tower

Wednesday 19th June 2024 3.30pm to 5.00pm


Please join us at Foredown Tower site; bring your family and friends.  Free non-alcoholic drinks and snacks will be provided. 

The Principal Nick Fenn will be attending to thank your family and friends for supporting you whilst studying.

All teaching staff, apprentices and students are invited.

Everyone is welcome!


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