Why enrol now for January 2020? Read Ana's story

Why enrol now for January 2020? Read Ana's story

by Nick Fenn -
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I am a 47 year old foreigner, and when I decided to do an English course I chose PACA Adult Learning  because someone recommended it to me.  I started my course very scared because I did not see myself able to learn new things at my age. I put in a great deal of effort, and with great desire I passed my English exams. However, with my growing confidence and self-belief, this was only the start of a transformational learning journey.


I saw an opportunity to build on this early success and change my career so I asked PACA Adult Learning for advice and it became clear that accounting would be a good fit for me and now after 2 years studying I am about to receive my bookkeeping license. I have also studied computing and now I am doing GCSE  Maths!


Best of all is that now I believe in me, my family believes in me I am proud of myself and I am no longer ashamed to have a conversation with people because of my personal growth and knowledge.  Studying has changed my life and part of my personality, I feel happy and more confident and eager to continue doing things.  It has not been easy. I have to work hard, but at PACA they support you with all of your challenges, with wonderful teachers who are very committed who helping you to progress. PACA even detected that I was dyslexic, they tested me and received  the extra help I needed to thrive. 


My experience has always been extremely positive and I would thoroughly recommend that if someone wants to do something like me to call PACA and start your own learning journey. They will advise you and support you, finding the best route forward for you. Take my word for it,  you will never regret it!