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Become a learner governor at AAL - deadline Friday 17th November 2023.

Become a learner governor at AAL - deadline Friday 17th November 2023.

by Nick Fenn -
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Dear Learners,

Become a Learner Governor at Aldridge Adult Learning

There are 2 vacancies for learner governors on the local governing committee at Aldridge Adult Learning and we would like you to think about applying to become a learner governor.

Academy governors are people who want to make a positive contribution to theirs and others education and life opportunities. 

This letter gives some background to the role and answers some of the questions you may have, but if you are interested and would like to ask more questions or talk to another governor about what being a governor entails please email the clerk to governors at  You can find out more information about AAL from our website (Adult Education Courses & Workshops in Brighton | Portslade (  and about the Trust at I have also attached a copy of our curriculum statemen for more on our purpose and mission.

Who else is on the governing body?

There are Trust Governors appointed by Aldridge Education Trust and staff governors as well as the Principal. The governors themselves may also appoint additional governors with specific expertise by agreement.

What does a governor do?

A governor works as part of a team to help give strategic support to the academy, and to hold the academy and the governors accountable for their responsibilities. They provide challenge and support for the Principal and staff. The governing body does not get involved in the day to day running of the academy - that is the Principal’s responsibility.

Do I have any legal responsibilities?

As Aldridge Adult Learning is part of a multi academy trust, the members of the governing body have their responsibilities delegated to them by the Trustees of the Aldridge Education Trust. The governing body is responsible, on behalf of the Trustees, for ensuring that the academy meets all its statutory requirements in matters such as safeguarding, health and safety and financial regulations and is accountable to them. All legal responsibilities lie with Trustees.

How much time does it take?

There are approximately 3 Local Governing Committee meetings per year to attend plus you will need some time beforehand to read the papers. Sometimes you might be asked to help interview a senior teacher, or attend other meetings to review or discuss other matters which Governors get involved in. You will also be invited to academy events.  You should probably allow about 8 or so hours a month on average.

Can you work full-time and be a governor?

Yes you can. Many of our current governors work full time. Many meetings are held outside work hours and you are entitled to some time off work to be a governor and attend meetings.

Why do you want learners to be governors?

Learners experience and understand the school in a different way from other governors and play a vital role in helping the school meet the needs of the communities it serves.

How is an academy governor different from that of a local authority school?

The role is similar, both provide strategic support to the Principal and their staff however an academy does not report to the local authority. The academy receives funding from the Department for Education (DfE) via the Education Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) and reports directly to the ESFA.  An academy has more freedom than a local authority school to manage its affairs – this includes the budget, curriculum and staffing. 

I am interested but don’t have any experience. Do you train people to be governors?

Yes all new governors are offered training on the role of being a governor from an initial Induction programme followed by that relating to more specific areas of involvement. There are a range of training options for governors covering various aspects of being an academy governor plus other training opportunities for the Local Governing Committee that may published from time to time.

Who can stand as a learner governor?

Anyone who is registered with Aldridge Adult Learning as a learner and is currently attending  a course can stand.

If I want to be considered for learner governor what happens next?

If you have any questions or would like to meet up with the Principal to find out more about the role before applying, please email Otherwise please fill in the application form and ask another learner to nominate you.  Full details of the election process are enclosed and the forms you need to fill in are a the foot of this email.

Is anyone prevented from applying to be a learner governor?

Yes - if you work for the Local Authority for more than 500 hours a year or are an elected member of the Local Authority you aren’t allowed to stand. Also if you are bankrupt, have been disqualified as a trustee or have been to prison for more than 3 months you aren’t eligible to stand, though you can still nominate someone else.

I don’t know what kind of information to put in my supporting statement

This is just to tell other learners about you to help them choose who to vote for. You could tell them that you are a learner, why you are interested in being a governor, plus any relevant experience or interests you have. You may also have community links, experience of the outside world and an independent view. If you would like some help with putting your statement together please contact the clerk.

What else would you expect me to do?

•       actively support the ethos and values of Aldridge Adult Learning, the Aldridge Education Trust

•       work as a member of the governing body (not as an individual) in the best interests of the academy setting aside any personal interests you may have

•       show an interest in academy activities

•       become well-informed about education in general and about our academy in particular

•       become familiar with the rules of academy governance

•       keep up to date with changes in education legislation

•       maintain confidentiality at all times.

What will I get out of being a governor?

You will have the knowledge that you are helping our students and the satisfaction of giving something back to the community. We want it to give you a sense of purpose and achievement and some new skills which may be useful elsewhere

What else would you like me to offer apart from my time?

We would like you to bring a willingness to learn, a listening ear and enquiring mind, plus the ability to assimilate information, make judgements, take decisions and be part of a team.

We do hope you are interested in standing and, if so, please copy and paste the documents below to Nick Fenn, AAL Principal ( and Tracy Briant AAL Manager (  by Friday 17th November 2023.

Kind regards,

Anne Silver

Head of Governance, on behalf of the Chair of the Board of Trustees



I,  ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­______________________________________________________ wish to considered as a Learner Governor of the above named Academy. I declare that I know no reason which would disqualify me from serving as a Governor.

I am a learner registered at the Academy:



Signed:          _______________________________              Date:   _________




NAME:           ___________________________________________________

I submit the following information in support of my application to be a Learner Governor (maximum of 200 words):