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Kyaninga Child Development Centre in Uganda

Kyaninga Child Development Centre in Uganda

by Nick Fenn -
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AAL is supporting the  Kyaninga Child Development Centre in Uganda, . with the mission of 'Creating equal opportunities for children with disabilities' As well as raising funds, Michele Ponting, AAL's Access Manager and her group, knit blankets; these are gifts for children who rarely receive anything new.   

Michele said "This project really echoes everything the Trust is about in terms of a commitment to equity and reaching out to those who most need our help. Aldridge Adult Learning  has the power to transform the lives of the communities we serve in the UK, but as a group of educators we feel passionately about how we can act as role models to our learners and colleagues to help others see beyond their immediate horizons, and encourage others to be  a force for change in some of the most impoverished corners of the world"

You can donate here Make a Donation - Kyaninga Child Development Centre (