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Introducing Ashia - your new colleague wellbeing hub

Introducing Ashia - your new colleague wellbeing hub

by Nick Fenn -
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We're pleased to share with you today access to a new pilot of our wellbeing support for staff and adult learners at Aldridge Education.

Called ASHIA – which means life and hope – this platform is an on-demand streaming service packed with content and signposting to help you with your emotional, physical, financial and social wellbeing. 


Favourite features  

ASHIA is like Netflix and Spotify combined, with new content added every few weeks. 

You can log in regularly to watch the latest videos on topics such as managing stress or dealing with grief, listen to a podcast, or watch a ‘big interview’.  

Hear from people like you, as well as experts and even the odd celebrity, explaining how they’ve dealt with some of life’s many challenges. 


Tackling taboos  

ASHIA is the place to find answers to the questions you might be not always want to raise openly.  

Want make lifestyle changes? Looking for advice on wellbeing, or how to speak to a colleague or friend who’s struggling? Go to ASHIA to find the best advice.  


Wellbeing support tool   

ASHIA offers a comprehensive directory that signposts local, regional and national organisations. It’s your go-to directory to help you to support both yourself, and your friends & family. 


How does it work?  

To open up this new world of wellbeing support, visit  and log in with the following details:



This will open up access to content covering 16 major wellbeing themes.  Under each video are links to support services as well as additional resources. 

ASHIA is available 24 hour a day/7 days a week for whenever you might need help. 


Why not personalise your experience even further? 

By creating your own profile you’ll also be able to: 

  • Create your own playlists  
  • Favourite content and save it to watch again 
  • Share helpful content with colleagues, family and friends


Just go to settings (in the top right corner)   click on   and follow the instructions.  


Protecting your privacy 

Your personal data won’t be shared with anyone else so your searches and the content you view remain private and confidential to you. Anonymised data is collected purely for reporting purposes. 


Ready to get started?  

Don’t delay. Log in and start using your new wellbeing hub today!